Each New Mama needs to heal  body, mind and soul.  To answer this need,  we present our new mama-care kit holistic kits.


Each kit include mood cards and earth mama products.  


Nipple butter will make sure the new mother will not have cracked painful nipples while breastfeeding. Perineal Spray/Balm will take care of the perineal area and hemorrhoids.  They are best in relieving pain and sting in the perineal area after a vaginal delivery. The Scar balms are for those who had C-section deliveries. These balms and sprays are all organic.


The Mood Cards are 20 beautiful prompt cards printed on 400gsm matt laminated paper, dimensions are 8.5cm x 5.5cm, with a branded box container.


The Mood Cards inspire you to take some time for yourself and to focus on small practical activities to boost your mood and improve your well-being. Each of the activity encourages self-growth, self-care and emotional awareness.  These card encourage the new mom to take a brief pause necessary when taking care of a new baby and even after the postpartum period.


All kits include a personalized message and vouchers with discounts on postpartum products/services.



1. Basic Holistic Kit 1- Includes the Perineal Balm and Mood Cards

2. Basic Holistic Kit 2 - Includes the Nipple Balm and Mood Cards

3. Basic Holistic Kit 3 - Includes the Perineal Spray and Mood Cards

4. Holistic Kit 1 - Inlcudes the Nipple Balm, Perineal Balm and Mood Cards

5. Holistic Kit 2 - Includes the Nipple Balm, Perineal Spray and Mood Cards

6. Holistic Kit 3 - for C-Section delivery.  Includes the Scar Balm, Nipple Balm and Mood Cards

New-Mama Care Holistic Kit (Basic Kit)



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