1. Perineal tear and soreness – Use Peri Bottle to rinse, gauze cloth to dry and spray with Earth Mama Peri Spray

2. Hemorrhoids – Use the Earth Mama Peri Balm

3. Sore and Cracked Nipples – Use the Earth Mama Nipple Butter

4. Uterus Cramping, Breast Nipple Clogging, Headaches and other aches – Use the Organic Grapeseed and Cherry Pit Hot/Cold Pack and the Medela Hydrogel Pads

5. Dry Hands due to constant washing and disinfection – Use the lavender handsoap

6. Cracked lips – Use the Honey Beeswax Propolis Lip Balm

7. Heavy Bleeding – Use the Natracare Organic Pads

8. C-Section Scar – Use the Earth Mama Scar Balm

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