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Get a personalized digital file of the I-know-my-name Sheet.


A step by step method for your child to know, read, spell and be able to write his/her name.


With this Sheet, ask your child to:

1. Point and Name each letter of his/her name

2. Make his/her name using things at home like playdough, beads, etc.

3. Arrange the letter of his/her name

4. Trace his/her name

5. Write his/her name


You can choose which language the sheet will be, as well as the general motif.


What can you do with this file?

1. Print it as many times as you want

2. Laminate it so that it can be re-used several times


A great way to learn and play!


Size of the Sheet: A4 size



Your file will be sent to you within 48 hours from placing your order and receipt of payment.



It is best to place only your child's first name so that he/she will not be confused.







I-Know-My-Name Sheet (Digital File)

Language of the Sheet
Is your child a boy or a girl?
  • Since this is a digital file, we do not accept cancellation and return

  • Your file is customized and will be available within 48 hours.  The file will be delivered in .pdf version, A4 size and 300dpi.

    Pease make sure to give your correct e-mail address.

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