There is a reason why squishy stress balls are so popular. Repeatedly squeezing releases tension and in turn, helps to relieve stress. The act of squeezing also boosts blood circulation and help with the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis — and they're used as a tool for meditation too.

But what makes Karin&Me MoodohTM different? With every squeeze, your senses are filled with Lavender and Chamomile scent which has relaxing and calming effects. This is handmade from 100% natural products in Zurich. No preservatives, no chemicals. 


Our Moodoh can be purchased per piece or as part of our care kit, price already includes shipping

Take some pause, squeeze some Moodoh, Choose YOU

MoodohTM (Mood Lifting Play Dough)

  • Essential Oils of Chamomile and Lavender, Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Salt, Flour, Cream of Tartar, Water, Food Coloring

  • While the ingredients are all natural and organic, this product is not meant to be eaten.

    The product is not formulated to be played with by children who may eat it.  While essential oils are known to be used by children, its effects to little ones are still not scientifically studied.

Zurich, Switzerland


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