Are you tired of your children fighting all the time? Do you dream of raising an inclusive and kind child but don't know where to start?

Let us help you reach this goal without wasting your time and second-guessing yourself.

We created an Inclusion and Diversity Kit with activities all geared towards the goal of encouraging your child to be inclusive and kind.

This mom and expert curated kit includes:
1. A Bilingual Book Happy Within -
2. Our very own, originally designed Inclusive Puzzle - High Quality, 45 pieces

3. Paper Crafts


We added several bonuses for you:


Bonus 1
Instructions containing guide questions that can help you open the discussion about inclusion and diversity. The Guide is in three languages: Deutsch, French and English.


Bonus 2

Exclusive Access to our Kindness Printable Pack (Digital File) that will reinforce the lessons of the kit. This Pack has several activities that will encourage your child to be kind to him/herself and to others. This Kindness Kit alone is worth Fr. 10. The Code for the Kit will be sent to you with the Physical Product and you can download it anytime from our website using the code.


Bonus 3

Exclusive Access to our Progressive Parents Community in Facebook where like-minded parents converge and support each other in a non-judgment, safe platform.

As members of this community, you have access to:

a. Printables released Quarterly

b. A supportive community

c. An opportunity to have experts answer your parenting questions through a recorded Mini Masterclass.


Order now and enjoy a 20% discount.


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Testimonials From Veronika of Munich

"My daughter and I tested the kit and it helped me start a conversation I was hoping to have with her for years. I wanted to explain to my daughter that everyone is different, and difference should not hinder us from accepting other persons. This kit explained this principle to my daughter though play. We love it."


From Sonja of Luzern:

"My paraplegic son loves the puzzle! He knows that he is different from other kids and our family is thrilled to support a project that encourages other kids to accept kids such as my son”



“The real test of parenting is not what your children achieve, but who they become and how they treat others. If you teach them to be kind, you’re not only setting your kids up for success. You’re setting up the kids around them, too”

Inclusion and Diversity Kit

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