Stressed, Anxious or Worried?

Take a brief pause for yourself and practice simple activities that will help you deal with stress and anxiety. 

This kit includes:

1. Mood Cards - The Mood Cards inspire you to focus on small practical activities to boost your mood and improve your well-being. Each of the activity encourages self-growth, self-care and emotional awareness. 20 cards
2. Unworry Book - This illustrated, write-in book is an unworry toolkit, for distracting you from any anxieties, calming you down, and providing a place to sort through your worries and thoughts. It includes a variety of activities such as calm-down tactics and relaxation exercises. Hardbound, 96 pages

3.  Coloring Book - Coloring repeated patterns relaxes your mind and can give a breather from anxiety inducing thoughts. 25 pages

 4. Coloring pencils - 3 pieces, 6 colors

5. Prompt card - follow this simple guide of resolving your worries.

Focus-on-myself Kit


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