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A great gift for people who are constantly stressed.  Each content of the anti-stress kit encourages you to make a brief pause in their busy lives and to focus on themselves.  


The Full Kit includes:


1. MoodohTM or mood lifting dough is great for repeatedly squeezing which then releases tension and helps to relieve stress. The act of squeezing also boosts blood circulation and help with the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis — and they're used as a tool for meditation too. MoodohTM is infused with chamomile and lavender hence helping you relax more through your sense of smell.


2. One sniff of the soothing balm is enough to re-energize you.  It helps unclog your sinus and can also be used for meditation.


3. The positivity pad encourages you to write down what excites you everyday. This then creates a positive vibe in your overall wellbeing. Use it for activities you can find in your Mood Cards.


4. Prompt card - follow this simple guide of resolving your worries


5. Coloring repeated patterns are known to give soothing effects.  But to make this practice more environmental friendly, we printed our sheets in plantable papers with mint seeds.  Thus, after coloring, these sheets can be planted to grow your very own mint bush.


6. The weighted eye pillow has cherry pits, spelt husk and lavender buds which give a light acupuncture pressure on the cranial nerve. This then sends a message down the back of your neck to your chest and heart. From there, the message is then sent to your nervous system or abdomen. The message is one of relaxation and pleasure.Lavender scent helps in relaxation. The size is big enough to cover the eyes from light but small enough for easy storage and to be carried around.


7. The Mood Cards inspire you to focus on small practical activities to boost your mood and improve your well-being. Each of the activity encourages self-growth, self-care and emotional awareness.


Medium kit: Items 1-6

Starter Kit: Items 1-5


Instructions are included in the kit.


Indulge your senses. Choose YOU.



Anti-Stress Kit (English)

Brauchst du es früher? / Do you need it soon?
  • FULL Kit

    1. MoodohTM 

    2. Soothing balm of bergamot and mint 

    3. Plantable coloring sheets 

    4. Positivity pad from recycled paper

    5. Weighted Eye Pillow 

    6. Mood cards (English) 

    Medium Kit - Items 1-5

    Starter Kit - Items 1-4


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