Best for young adults, teens and bigger kids. 

Feeling anxious? Are you worrying about a lot of things? Anxiety can be managed by focusing on things you can control and letting go of things you can't. Learn to control anxiety and your thoughts. Practice mindfulness.

This kit includes
1. Unworry Book - This illustrated, write-in book is an unworry toolkit, for distracting you from any anxieties, calming you down, and providing a place to sort through your worries  and thoughts. It includes a variety of activities such as calm-down tactics and relaxation exercises. Harbound, 96 pages

2. Coloring Book - Coloring repeated patterns relaxes your mind and can give a breather from anxiety inducing thoughts. 25 pages

3. Coloring pencils - 3 pieces, 6 colors

4. MoodohTM or mood lifting dough is great for repeatedly squeezing which then releases tension and helps to relieve stress. The act of squeezing also boosts blood circulation and help with the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis — and they're used as a tool for meditation too. MoodohTM is infused with chamomile and lavender hence helping you relax more through your sense of smell.

5. The positivity pad encourages you to write down what excites you everyday. This then creates a positive vibe in your overall wellbeing. 

6. Prompt card - follow this simple guide of resolving your worries

Anti-Anxiety Kit


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