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Suicide Prevention Month: Suicide in Kids and Teens

September is Suicide Prevention month and we need to talk about suicide in kids and teens.

It is real.☹

As a matter of fact, the CDC states that suicide is the second leading cause of death among kids and young adults from 10 until 24 years of age.

You may be thinking, but I only have a baby, surely, this is not my concern? 

But it is a concern.  It a concern of everyone. 

Prevention starts with us being aware of the risks, triggers and factors that increase the likelihood of suicide in kids and teens. Educating ourselves must start not when the risks are apparent but way before. The time is NOW.

As parents and caregivers, how can we help our kids and teens?

1️⃣It starts with ourselves.  We need to take care of our own mental health in order

2️⃣Help our kids identify feelings.

3️⃣We need to ask and be curious. 

“Are you thinking of hurting yourself?

Talking about suicide do not increase its risk, it only increases opportunities to offer support.

4️⃣Open lines of communication.

“I can see that you are sad.  Would you like to talk about it?” 

“If you are not ready now, remember that I am always here when you want to talk”

5️⃣Be supportive of our children in a non-judgmental way.

“Nothing that you did can ever make me love you less”

“I can see that you are hurting inside. I am here to listen to you.”

6️⃣Never shrug off threats of harming oneself.  It is more reason to connect.

7️⃣Seek professional help if you feel that your child is in distress and contemplating on hurting himself/taking her own life.

⭐Awareness is a way to prevent Suicide in Kids and Teens⭐


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