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How to teach Consent

Do you think there would even be a #metoo movement if the generation before us and generation before them focused on teaching consent?

I ask this question not to blame generations but rather to highlight the importance of teaching consent from an early age.

Some of you may have difficulty starting the conversation with your kids and probably waiting for the pre-teen “sex talk”.  I admit, I need to correct myself all the time.

Yesterday, my toddler asked to be tickled and I did.  She was laughing so hard and we were having fun that even when she said “Stop”, I continued. But then it hit me! My daughter is telling me to stop touching her body and that is something she has all the right to say. I eventually stopped.

I realized how difficult this can be and we need a lot of reminders so that it forms part of our muscle memory.

Here are some dialogues that we can practice and use no matter what age our child is.

“Do you need help in wiping your back?”

“Can I have a kiss? If not, then we can probably have a high-five?”

“It is not OK to make our friends play games they don’t like.  If Eva does not want to play, its her choice.”

How do you teach consent to your kids?  Let us discuss!

Sharing is Caring!

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