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It all started with a vision.

As a multicultural family living in Switzerland, our main goal is to be able to help our child become a confident, resilient and inclusive individual. 

But we live in an interconnected world.  No matter how we mold our child, she will still be negatively affected if the people around her do not embody the same values. 

Hence, our purpose:  To help caregivers remain calm while raising confident, resilient and inclusive kids.

We believe that if more kids embody these positive values, we will be able to create a kinder world.

Through our social media channels and our products,  we hope to spread knowledge and tips on how each family can instill the values mentioned above in a mindful manner and without forgetting that they - the parents - have needs as well.

It is our vision to help parents raise a mentally and socially adept generation.

Help us fulfill this vision. 

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